World Bank and Faith-Based Organizations: Experiences of Partnership for Development

The Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics (DDVE) is a small unit at the World Bank whose purpose is to contribute to analytical work, capacity development and dialogue on issues related to values and ethics. DDVE, founded in 2000, is working with FBOs for reducing poverty in developing countries. Action oriented research is being carried out in various fields such as: protecting vulnerable groups, improving access of the poor to health and education services, and better using the resources generated by migrants in benefit of their families in their countries of origin.


DDVE is finalizing a research project for the Africa Region´s Poverty, Reduction and Economic Management Department of the World Bank. The project provides case studies on migration, remittances and poverty in West Africa to contribute to a balanced view on the potential gains and costs of migration. It refers to the contribution of the International Movement ATD Fourth World, a faith-inspired grass-root NGO.


In education: DDVE is working in Latin America with “Fe y Alegría” (Faith and Joy) movement, a Jesuit-inspired network, in 17 countries of the region. In Bangladesh DDVE has supported research on the role of religious organizations: the case of Maddrassa (Islamic) schools is highlighted.

In health: In Africa, a number of case studies are under way on the analysis of the performance of various health services, among them FBOs providers in Rwanda and Ghana.


Children living in the streets: DDVE conduced a survey of street children and organizations (many of which are faith based) providing services to children in Kinshasa.

People with disabilities: DDVE’s study on handicapped peoples are conducted with a focus on West and Central Africa. A small pilot survey was carried out in Cote d’Ivoire with NGOs providing services to these people (approximately 3 out of 4 of these NGOs are faith-based).

At risk youth: In partnership with the World Bank´s Children and Youth Unit, DDVE held a video-conference dialogue with religious leaders in Latin America on at-risk youth.