Topics about 'Fighting Poverty and Hunger'

Building Social Safety Nets by Means of Theater to Prevent Human Trafficking.


UNIFEM provides funds for a project in India which uses the theater as a means of preventing human trafficking covering all across Goa, Sikkim and vulnerable districts of North Bengal. Sex tourism and trafficking is proliferating in that area. Youths and children are also trafficked for exploitative labour. West Bengal is a source, transit and destination. Various other institutions, as well as NGOs and FBOs, are working in this project.

Fighting Poverty Affecting Rural Women


The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), under the Sudan Work Plan 2009 (Humanitarian/Early Recovery Component) has initiated the project “Support Livelihoods and Food Security Initiatives for Women”. The objective of this project is to promote simple and appropriate agricultural technologies among women groups, to strengthen women’s livelihoods through capacity building on entrepreneurial skills and to facilitate the availability of market information and access to credit facilities. Five hundred women will benefit from this project in Southern Sudan that will end on December 2009. The implementing partners are Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), UNIFEM, CBOs, FBOs, NGOs, International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGO), the State Ministry of Agriculture (SMoA) and the Ministries of Social Development.

World Bank and Faith-Based Organizations: Experiences of Partnership for Development


The Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics (DDVE) is a small unit at the World Bank whose purpose is to contribute to analytical work, capacity development and dialogue on issues related to values and ethics. DDVE, founded in 2000, is working with FBOs for reducing poverty in developing countries. Action oriented research is being carried out in various fields such as: protecting vulnerable groups, improving access of the poor to health and education services, and better using the resources generated by migrants in benefit of their families in their countries of origin.

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Fighting Poverty: The Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme (KENSUP)


This is a key core poverty Programme addressing the challenge of housing problems affecting the majority of the population who live in slums and informal settlements in Kenya. The Ministry of Housing of Kenya has a wide range of stakeholders in the execution of this project, among them are UN Habitat, other international organizations, NGOs, CBO and also FBOs ( i.e. the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi).


Fighting Poverty: Kenyan Youth Trained In Low Cost Building Technology and Other Areas.


The project on Hydraform building technology, a low cost method, trained youth from informal settlements in Kenya. The youth involved will also be trained in conflict management, business development, peace building skills, and in forming cooperatives. This is a project between UN-HABITAT’s Youth Empowerment Programme and the Nyumbani Village Training Centre in Kitui District. The Centre is supported, among others, by USAID, the Rotary Club, and the Catholic Diocese of Nairobi.