Topics about 'Environmental Sustainability'

Protecting Nature: The World Bank and the FBOs.


The World Bank has undertaken some projects around the world on faiths and environment and on faiths and forest initiatives as part of its development and conservation activities. According to the World Bank, the world’s major religions have shown that they represent a very powerful voice for environmental stewardship. (See more).

The World Bank works:

In Cambodia

- With Buddhist, by supporting a sustainable development project that is funded under an agreement with the Alliance of Religions and Conservations (ARC), working closely with governmental offices. The project works with 14 pagodas in rural areas in Kampong Speu province and Kampong Thom province.

In Indonesia

- With Muslims and Christians, in various environmental issues such as education, conservation and dissemination of information.

In Thailand

- The Khora Initiative based in the province of Nakon Ratchasima which is an Education Training Project in Forestry for the monks and lay people.

ARC’s Mongolian Buddhist Handbook Launched.


The Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), linked with the World Bank’s and the Netherlands government’s MEMO Fund in Mongolia, continued their series about Buddhism and the Environment, publishing a handbook entitled “Mongolian Buddhist Protecting Nature”.

Historic Istanbul Declaration on the Muslim Seven Year Action Plan on Climate Change.


Muslim leaders, scholars, civil society members and government ministries from Islamic civil society have agreed in Istanbul to spend the next seven years planning serious commitments to protecting the natural environment, and combating climate change. The plan was drawn by Earth Mates Dialogue and is part of United Nations (UN)/Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) Seven Year Plan Initiative.