Topics about 'Decent Work and Child Labour'

A global campaign for ending with child labour


The International Labour Office (ILO) through its International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) has been engaged since the early nineties in a global campaign with this aim. Although its main partners are government agencies and employers and workers organizations, this programme has also build fruitful links of cooperation with a number of civil society organizations. To this effect several initiatives have been undertaken. Chief among these are: The World Day Against Child Labour, which is observed every year on June 12th, and the 12 to 12 Partnership Initiative, in conjunction with SCREAM Programme.
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Building Social Safety Nets by Means of Theater to Prevent Human Trafficking.


UNIFEM provides funds for a project in India which uses the theater as a means of preventing human trafficking covering all across Goa, Sikkim and vulnerable districts of North Bengal. Sex tourism and trafficking is proliferating in that area. Youths and children are also trafficked for exploitative labour. West Bengal is a source, transit and destination. Various other institutions, as well as NGOs and FBOs, are working in this project.