Preventing and Healing Hiv / Aids : The Buddhist Response

In partnership with UNAIDS and within the framework of Buddha´s teachings and 
ethics, the Sangha Metta Project covers an important education activity which consists of (a) teaching monks, nuns and novices about HIV/AIDS, equipping them with modern 
participatory social management skills and tools to take part in HIV/AIDS 
prevention and care at the community level, and (b) educating youth groups and raising their awareness on HIV/AIDS and narcotic.

Additionally, the Project covers other activities such as: home/community 
visits to provide moral support, temple activities like meditation retreats, 
milk bank for children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS, medicine bank, etc.
Because the project gives monks a way to become actively involved in their 
communities, it is spreading into other regions of Thailand (besides
Chiang Mai) as well as neighboring countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, 
Vietnam, Southern China, and others.

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