April 2012: The Coalition for the “Initiative for a UN Decade of Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Understanding and Cooperation for Peace” redefines its strategy while keeping its core objective: partnering with the UN towards shared goals leading to sustainable peace.

At the beginning of April 2012 the Steering Committee of the Coalition will start a consultation with all its member organizations about the future of the Coalition. Since the proclamation by the UN General Assembly of the proposed UN decade is not any longer a politically viable immediate objective, the Steering Committee is proposing for the consideration of the Coalition members:

  1. New name: That the Coalition, while keeping as its core aim strengthening and widening the cooperation between faith/value-based communities and organizations and the UN towards shared values and goals, contributing eventually to sustainable peace, changes its name to “Multi-Faith Coalition for Partnering with the UN” (provisional name).
  2. Membership: That all the Coalition member organizations be consulted about their willingness to continue their engagement to the Coalition, to remain associated only as observers, or to withdraw. No list of Coalition members will be published until this process of consultation has been completed.
  3. Steering Committee: That those which decide to remain engaged to the Coalition be requested to confirm the current Steering Committee until the end of 2012, authorizing it to replace those members that may withdraw from the Coalition and/or the Steering Committee during this transitional period, taking care of keeping its faith and geographic diversity.
  4. Activities: That those which remain associated to the Coalition be invited to
  • participate in the Working Group constituted already by members of the SC and coordinated by the Executive Secretary, which is outlining and exploring the viability of a possible “UN multi-faith global partnership”, inspired in the UN Global Compact as organizational model, as alternative umbrella arrangement instead of a “UN decade”. (See the summary outline Summary outline for a UN multi-faith global partnership MFGP and working document Looking for a new global vehicle by GG).
  • Participate in a social networking Internet facility to share information and engage in projects/activities related to partnering with the UN, which is being designed by the CPWR for the Coalition. (See outline UN Social Media Platform by Dirk 260312)
  • Promote and organize activities associated to the celebration every year of the World Interfaith Harmony Week.

A brief questionnaire will be sent to the Coalition members asking them to express their views and commitment on these matters.