A Proposal for the DECADE

The Third Draft of the Proposal for a UN Decade on Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation for Peace was one of the main outcomes of the Bossey Consultation. It was endorsed by all the representatives of faith-based organizations who attended that event. (See “List of Participants at the Bossey Consultation”).

In June 2008 a “short version” was prepared to facilitate the diffusion of the proposal. In October 2008 that short version was updated to reflect a significant change in the title of the proposal: Following the advice of some Member States consulted, the word “dialogue” was removed from the title of the proposed DECADE in order to emphasize “cooperation”. Nevertheless, on 13 November 2008 the UN General Assembly adopted its resolution 63/22 in which  “the possibility of proclaiming a United Nations decade for interrreligious and intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation for peace” is considered. Consequently, the Provisional Steering Committee decided to revised once again the title and content of the proposed DECADE in line with that resolution, adding “intercultural” and “understanding”.  On 8 May 2009 the Steering Committee approved an updated version, which is fully endorsed by the Coalition constituted in March 2009 at the Maryknoll meeting.

Updated Short Version approved by the Steering Committee (May 2009)