A global campaign for ending with child labour

The International Labour Office (ILO) through its International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) has been engaged since the early nineties in a global campaign with this aim. Although its main partners are government agencies and employers and workers organizations, this programme has also build fruitful links of cooperation with a number of civil society organizations. To this effect several initiatives have been undertaken. Chief among these are: The World Day Against Child Labour, which is observed every year on June 12th, and the 12 to 12 Partnership Initiative, in conjunction with SCREAM Programme.


It represents an education and social mobilization initiative to help educators worldwide to promote understanding and awareness against child labour among young people. It places great emphasis on the use of visual, literary and performing arts and provide young people with powerful tools of 
self-expression while supporting their personal and social development.

Through this project thousands of young people around the world have been engaged in fruitful initiatives to raise awareness against child labour as individuals or in groups, and becoming young advocates to promote a fair globalization on the matter.


It has been established in the context of the worldwide movement for elimination of child 
labour and in conjunction with SCREAM methodology. It brings together UN Agencies, governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, NGOs, municipalities and majors, academic institutions, the artistic community and others, in the fight against child labour through the application of SCREAM programme and in the broader context of human rights, productive employment, and decent work for a fair globalization. “12 to 12” refers to the annual period of time in which IPEC collaborates with and supports a number of organizations in key events and activities to raise awareness on child labour, in preparation for the celebration of the World Day against Child Labour, on June the 12th every year.

Some of IPEC’s partners become involved by signing memoranda of understanding (MOUs), while others participate without formal agreements. Among the first group we find CARE USA, Miss Dorothy.Com (a UK organization to educate people under age 16), Peace Waves, The Province of Pisa in Italy, Susuky Academy Talent Centre, Taking IT Global (an international charitable org.) and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), which brings together the scout organizations from around the world.

Among the second group we find Carnevalspettacolo, Education International, Firenze Festival, Le respect, ça change la vie, Pro-ballet San Remo, etc. http://

www.ilo.org/ipec/lang-en/index.htm Click on Campaign and Advocacy
Click on Scream Paragraph, and/or
Click on 12 to 12 Partnership Initiative

Within the above framework, WOSM has provided information about their implementation of the SCREAM Programme in Egypt, Zambia, El Salvador, Jordan and Lebanon. This is an on-going project since 2002 with the aim of helping educators (scouts) worldwide to cultivate young people’s understanding of causes and consequences of child labour.